What Kind of Restaurant Makes a Great Dining Experience in Parksville?

But what exactly is customer service? Each customer is unique, but there are common characteristics that make a memorable dining experience. So we sought to identify key elements that contribute to great customer experiences. This is what eventually generates positive online reviews that encourage more diners and drives up your revenue per customer service.

What’s the key to great dining?

Restaurant experiences can be very different depending on their type. But there are common characteristics that make a good restaurant experience stand out.

  1. Personalized service
  2. Consistently delicious meals
  3. A memorable
  4. Fantastic customer service
  5. Personal and friendly service

Guests should feel that they are part of a family and not just another number. consequently, servers and hosts are the best people to make you feel at home. How do we ensure that? This all begins with the hiring process. Ray Camillo (CEO of Blue Orbit Restaurant Consultancy) runs a 5-second personality test that assesses applicants for servers and hosts. This is because they have to take this long to decide if they can trust the people they serve.

Carrie Luxem is CEO of Restaurant HR Group. She suggests that only outgoing personalities can multitask and move quickly and who smile under pressure are hired. Luxem has created a timed assembly test to simulate the Friday night service.” In addition, we are testing candidates’ ability to manage stress gracefully.” Candidates who become too focused on the task in hand might find it hard to interact with guests while still making them feel at home.

Tips for providing friendly and personal service

Although friendly, personal service should be a hallmark of a host and server; there are two things they can do that are scientifically supported to improve their likability.

Name your guests when you address them.

This strategy will make it easier to personalize your service. Research supports the theory that hearing someone’s name triggers a unique response from their brains. Brain Research published a study indicating that the sound of your initial name triggers brain activity. The brain’s middle frontal cortex triggers brain activity when it hears your first name. This is responsible for social behaviour and brain activity in both the middle and superior temporal cortexes. The cuneus can be associated with visual processing and long-term recall.

Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends or Influence people, says that remembering someone’s name is one of the best ways to make them like yours. You might, for example, ask your server for a wine pairing that will go well with your meal. First and foremost, remembering your guests’ names is key to providing friendly service. Increased revenue per table can be achieved by cross-selling or upselling menu item items.

You can make suggestions based on the preferences of your guests

Servers must always ask guests whether they have any dietary restrictions. They should also answer any questions regarding the menu items. This allows you to learn more about your guest and their taste preferences.

This partly depends on the server’s ability to read the table to determine which guests are interested. Lightspeed can also help by creating Customer profiles. That doesn’t mean they’re dining at your restaurant for the first time. Ask them if this is the first time they have done it. If so, you can inform them about your menu. Create their customer profile to keep track of their food preferences.

If it isn’t their first order, they can ask your server. Look up the Then, looking of those customers, which items are their favourites based upon how many times they have ordered them. Here’s how.

Select Customers from Lightspeed’s Tabs

Search for the name of this customer in the Search Bar.
To add a customer to your profile, click the menu.
BelowGeneral InformationYou can see the customer’s site. Favourite Product 1 And Favorite 2
TIP: Click alsoFavoritesVisit Bar to view a full breakdown of their most-loved dishes.

Furthermore, these details will help your servers decide which drinks and menu items to recommend. It will also let you know how likely it is for your guest to feel that you are providing personal service.

Delicious meals every day

Your business’s food is its foundation. It can also, However, impact how guests perceive your restaurant. Poor quality food can result from poor quality control. Make sure your dish has the right flavour profile food judges must evaluate each dish’s presentation, plating and presentation to ensure they meet the highest standards. Each member should be empowered so that they can ensure high-quality food and a pleasant dining experience.

It is all about presentation.

It is a well-known fact that how you present your dish to guests can affect their perception of it. Charles Spence was an Oxford professor and found that food presentation could make a dish better. Spence had 60 people rate three different salads before they were eaten. The first was easily assembled, the second was well-organized, and the third looked like Wassilykandinsky’s painting.

Guess which one of the three salads participants thought tasted best. It was the dish that looked almost like a painting. Participants thought that the dish tasted 29% less delicious, even though it contained similar ingredients. Participants were prepared to spend three times the amount to enjoy the exquisitely prepared dish. The food should be delicious so that your guests enjoy the experience.

It’s a memorable atmosphere

Your brand’s image is the restaurant’s visual identity. This could be as simple or complex as the colour scheme you choose, your furniture selections, and your lighting. This will drive people to your website and generate interest.

Respect an idea

When you design a restaurant, it is the beginning of a restaurant’s personality. Sometimes the concept doesn’t need a specific atmosphere to feel authentic.

All decor and furnishings should be consistent.

Wall decorations, furniture, decorative accents, and wall decorations that are part of a cohesive theme are more likely to bring positive vibes to diners.

Adjust the lighting

The lighting in restaurants can make a big difference in the ambience. And This may or may not encourage positive guest experiences.

Carefully select music

Music should bring joy to your dining experience. It would, however, if you also considered how loud the music could be played.

Instagram Design in Mind

Instagram is the visual platform 60% of people use to find products and services. Lan Vietnamese Express is located near Parksville’s Downtown. Their Instagram account showcases their sense of style, decor and food presentation. Instagram users who find your restaurant will be more likely than others to book a table, take photos, and share those images with their followers. It’s the most genuine form of marketing, and it works.

Also, you can repost beautiful photos from your restaurant to Instagram to increase engagement. They are perceived as authentic. UGC is seen as authentic and more genuine because it’s not created or maintained by restaurant owners. Add social validation (also known under Socio Proof) to your social media marketing mix for restaurants. You can also include user-generated material.

Excellent customer service

The hospitality industry can be very competitive. This staggering statistic could be due to many factors. It is important not to forget that efficiently serving customers is mutually profitable. Customers expect an optimized process when completing a task. This could mean ordering a meal or splitting a check. Or paying their bill.

Try to think about your restaurant experience in terms of the customer. However, everything from the way you serve your guests to the way they order their food and pay for it is likely to cause friction. The expectations for the perfect restaurant experience vary depending on the restaurant. The following are key considerations that will make your restaurant more efficient.


When customers enter your restaurant, it is the first impression. Also there should not be a long wait. Does your host have the tools to check-in reservations and seat guests?


Ordering and preparing orders have been a problem in the past. Order errors and slow turnarounds can be key indicators. Are you able to take special orders and make changes at your point of sale? Customers must also review how they pay. Servers determine if tables are ready for payment.

Furthermore, customers have a result, customers city to simplify the process of paying their bills if they need. Lightspeed’s adjustable floors plan features colour indicators that allow servers to know at what stage they are. They can tell if there is a wait if an order has been placed and if payment must be made. Servers can process more payments quickly and provide better customer services if they have this information.

Splitting the bill

Did guests ever wish to split the bill? But your point-of-sale didn’t allow for it? This can make guests feel disappointed. For your lasSo, for interaction with them, Check that bill splitting is available at the point of sale for your restaurant to ensure seamless payment.

How can I create unforgettable restaurant experiences?

While every restaurant is different, four pillars can help you make memorable dining experiences.

  1. Friendly and personal service
  2. Delicious food every
  3. Unforgettable atmosphere
  4. Efficient Customer Service

If you can do each of these, you’ll be able to generate more customer testimonials. This will allow you to explore social media and make your site a hotspot. It can be used to enhance the appeal of your restaurant by creating a point-of-sale.